Higher education in France : Two lecturers punished in Nantes, after the blocking of exams

Two research-lecturers from the University of Nantes were punished for being present alongside students who had prevented the exams from being held in May.

«The research-lecturers were present alongside students, preventing the exams from being held on May 18th, to avoid any overflow», said Marie David of the Teachers’ Union (Snesup-FSU). In spite of this testimony, two of the research-lecturers of the University of Nantes were reprimanded; one was punished by six (06) months of delay in advancing the echelon and the other with a warning, indicates the website Le Monde.fr «The unions FSU and SUD education had asked the professors available to do an observer mission and if necessary mediator to avoid any violence», says the union in a statement. In this context, the two research-lecturers followed a group of students who «asked the administrative executives about the confiscation of their cards. They have finally had to intervene between students and administrative staff to avoid any overflow in the absence of response and inaction of the presiding officers present», said Marie David, co-secretary of Snesup-FSU in Nantes.
According to the president of the university, Olivier Laboux, quoted by Ouest-France, the day of the facts, «administrative staff of the university were persecuted about 300 meters, insulted, threatened, hindered, shoved physically by tens of ‘students and two university teachers’’. The union disputes this version: the lecturers were in their «role of mediator». «This unprecedented restriction of the rights of research-lecturers to demonstrate, to respond to union instructions for observation and mediation in a conflict situation, is extremely serious», denounces the union, which calls for the cancellation of sanctions.

Source: Monde.fr

Serge David ZOUEME