Workshops of the French Institute at the ‘‘Palais de Tokyo’’ : Divergence of opinions around the hegemony of the French language

The hegemony or not of the French language was at the center of a conference-show conducted on the occasion of the Workshops of the French Institute at the ‘’Palais de Tokyo’’, on July 18 and 19, 2018.

Taking on the appearance of a Imaginary trial, the opinions of the ones and the others were contradictory on the speech prophesying the dominance and the freedom of the French language in the world. In this activity of high reflection, all the parties were there: the defense lawyer, the prosecutor, the president of the court, the clerk, the witnesses as well as a jury, composed of persons chosen at random in the hall. Organized by the Usbek and Rica magazine, this tribunal for future generations questioned the collective ability of all to promote the French language and reinvent it.
In his indictment, Alexandre Ziegler, French ambassador to India, prosecutor for a day, made fun of the arguments for promoting the French language. He spoke for a language all the more beautiful that it would renounce its hegemonic ambitions: «We refuse to surrender to the obvious. Our language is no longer the language of globalization. So why do we try to defend it with caricature arguments, which are also often arrogant and clumsy? It’s hypocritical. We would be 500 million French speakers, soon 1 billion. They told that all Africa will soon speak French. But, finally? Africa is half Anglophone! «, he affirmed and reported by Rfi.

Serge David ZOUEME