University training in France : New diploma launched for urban programming

The university sector in France is experiencing a new breakthrough. These are three major Parisian schools that have just launched a new diploma to meet the new requirements of urban programming.


The National School of Architecture (ENSA) of Paris-La Villette, the School of Engineers of the City of Paris (EIVP) and the School of Urban Planning of Paris (EUP) have therefore come together to launch together a continuous training diploma, a inter-university postmaster course, meeting the new requirements of urban programming. Initially planned in February, this new curriculum has been open to applications since March 21st. for a first promotion of fifteen people in February 2019. Convinced of the challenge of a «specialized and interdisciplinary methodological teaching», the three university schools, members of Comue Hesam (Sorbonne Arts and Crafts Higher Education) for the ENSA, associated with the Comue University of Paris-Est for the EIVP and the EUP, have managed to overcome their differences in status and functioning, and to remove fears of a loss of identity of their respective teaching staff.
«Architects, engineers, urban planners are three professions that, each in their specialty, are now faced with the challenges of programming, and must increasingly work together,» says Taoufik Souami, co-director of the EUP. There is a real challenge today to spread a culture of programming throughout the community. Even if these professionals do not have to do programming as such, they must know how to convince their management that it is better to take some time and money to develop such an approach.

Serge David ZOUEME