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Rainy season in Benin : What luck for schools, colleges and exam centers?

The months of May, June and July have never been good for schools and colleges, students and even candidates. This story is currently observed with the first heavy rains that fall on several municipalities and watering different departments of the country, with various fortunes.

This Tuesday, May 08, 2018, Cotonou, the economic capital, as well as surrounding cities like Abomey-Calavi, Porto-Novo, received a large amount of rain which, alas, left behind in various places. From sources informed and confirmed by the site La Nouvelle Tribune, the public primary school of Sèmè-okoun, located in the municipality of Porto-Novo, was affected with a class built in permanent materials, which subsided under the effect of rain. The same source reports that a schoolboy was wounded on the head and rushed to the hospital.
It should be recalled, a few days ago, a college located in the Commune of Abomey-Calavi had also suffered damage as a result of the rain that had fallen on the city of Cotonou and surroundings. And there, fortunately, neither victim was deplored in the rank of learners, nor in that of the leaders and teachers of the college, reports the newspaper La Nouvelle Tribune. These first images of affected classes, resulting from the rain, are obviously not good signs for the education sector and presage of a hypothetical situation for schools, colleagues, exam centers, teachers and learners, even candidates, the next days.

Serge David ZOUEME

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