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Strike in the educational sector in Benin | Two headmasters of secondary school dismissed from their duties

The huge strike that cooled almost all the key sectors of Benin, since Tuesday, January 16th, 2018, also affected the education sector with the blackout of activities in the public school.

Among the first victims of the strike, two headmasters of secondary school. From proven sources, the headmasters of the public secondary school of Djougou, in the northern part of the country and Dogbo in the south-west of the country, were dismissed of their duties by their respective departmental heads. According to the same sources, they were accused of contributing to the stopping of classes in their respective schools since the beginning of the strike.
Main reasons of their involvement in the strike, teachers’ unions demand, among other things, the signing and implementation of the special status of staff of primary and secondary schools.

Serge David ZOUEME

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