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Egypt : Education to give hope to young candidates for violent extremism

Violent extremism, which increasingly besets Egypt, has major consequences with a worrying unemployment rate and a poorly ranked education system, ranked 140th in the world for its quality.

 Even though education is not the only one to be hit by violent extremism, it seems to be the most affected sector because it directly concerns the human being. This area of life, as we already know, conditions, on the one hand, resilience to extremist ideologies, and on the other hand, economic inclusion. Young people do not join violent extremist groups just because they are unemployed or because they are ignorant. They do it because having a high level of education; they expect a better standard of living. Their frustrations becoming greater, they let themselves go by joining violent networks of all kinds, to be heard. The World Economic Forum’s international ranking in 2017 castigates, among other things, the quality of primary (133rd / 137th) and secondary (130th / 137th) and specialized (135th / 137th) education systems in Egypt. This is all the more alarming because the economic exclusion created by low-quality training is fertile ground for the emergence of groups of demands, most of which end up turning into extremist and terrorist groups. Hence the need to reform the education system in two ways: on the one hand, to promote the socio-professional integration of young people, and on the other hand, to promote the values of peace and tolerance necessary to resist extremist discourses.

Serge David ZOUEME