Election campaign in Sierra Leone : Candidate Musa Tarawally focused on education matter

As the campaigning period was winded down before elections on 7 March, candidates like Musa Tarawally have stressed his speeches on some key matters such as health, women’s rights, economy and education.

Regarding this last subject, Musa Tarawally has proposed to encourage missionaries to come back to Sierra Leone to provide free education for all, “because the government has no capacity to create a free education program”. “Sierra Leone reached its peak in education when they were running the schools”, he said, referring to the role of the church during colonial times. “What we need is to put moral values in our people Ethics”, added Tarawally.
In other hand, according to the candidate of the Citizens Democratic Party (CDP), significant foreign investment is key to revitalizing Sierra Leone. Citing the country’s mineral wealth, water resources, and forests, Tarawally, a former housing and lands minister, said that the government needs to catalogue what the country has in order to be able to attract foreign capital. “We need to do surveys of what we have so we can negotiate from a position of strength”, says Tarawally, speaking to RFI from his home in the western part of the capital. As one of the older parties, he hopes to break the two-party system of ruling All People’s Congress (APC) and the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), as power has previously rotated between the two.

Serge David ZOUEME