Uganda’s First Lady says Bridge Schools Uganda must close

Unlicensed Bridge Schools will not be allowed to operate for the 2018 school year, states Uganda’s First Lady and Minister of Education, Janet Museveni, in an op-ed piece in Uganda daily New Vision on Friday.

“I should, however, add that the impunity being exhibited by Bridge Management, and its likes, will not be tolerated and that Government will spare no effort to use all legal means to enforce the requirements of the Law to protect our children and our future, as a country,” writes Minister Museveni, relayed by RFI website. She is referring to the Bridge Schools Uganda, which is not in receipt of licences for their 63 schools, but opened to begin the school year. “Uganda’s Permanent Secretary of Education, Alex Kakooza, clearly stated recently that all those schools that have evidence, have submitted their files to the ministry of education for purposes of licensing, shall not be closed,” said Morrison Rwakabamba, the Kampala-based head of Bridge Schools Uganda. He said Bridge Schools is in that category because over 42 files have been approved by districts in the country, and they are now sitting in the office of the Ministry of Education, waiting processing. The controversy erupted on 5 February, the first day of school in Uganda. The Ministry of Education had ordered all schools that had not been licensed by the State to remain shut. Bridge Schools is severely failing on several points, according to Uganda State Minister for Education, MP Rosemary Nansubuga Senide. “First of all, they don’t follow our curriculum. Secondly, they don’t have qualified teachers. Thirdly, they don’t have qualified head teachers. The entire system under which they are teaching is entirely different,” said Minister Senide, according to RFI website.

Serge David ZOUEME