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Education : In Casablanca, high schools struggle to retain young talent

Moroccans are the most numerous foreign students in France, with 38,000 enrolled in 2016/2017. Morocco has been trying for years to stop this haemorrhage, without much success.


This is not a beautiful novel, but it is a beautiful story ... That of Paul and Salma, who met - without seeing each other, contrary to the song of Michel Fugain. Paul comes from the North - from the north of the Mediterranean. A native of Bourges and an engineering student in the fourth year of the Engineering School of Industrial Systems Engineering in La Rochelle (EIGSI), he headed south to perfect his skills in building and public works. Direction: Casablanca, Morocco. For the French student in building & public works (BTP), Morocco is an ideal learning ground. «In Casablanca, one builds with turn of arm,» rejoices the student engineer. Bridge, roads, buildings ... wherever you are in the city, huge cranes bristle the landscape, symptoms of a growing city. «Our teachers are real building professionals, each in his specialty,» says the student.

Maintain the best minds in its territory

Salma, she comes from the South. At the beginning of May, she embarks on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner which leaves the tarmac of the Moroccan economic capital. Direction: France. The high school girl, in high school at the French Lycée Louis-Massignon in Casablanca, flies to the Hexagon to spend competitions and try to integrate a school of Paris architecture. «The French schools are better,» answers without hesitation the young woman when asked why she left.

Serge David ZOUEME