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End of the teachers’ strike : Timid resumption of classes at the faculty of Niamey

The interruption of the teacher-researchers strike at the University of Niamey has been variously appreciated on campus.

«We are really happy about the resumption of classes. We hope that continues in this direction. Now we are late and I hope we will make up for lost time», said Tshahurou Maazou, professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology, according to Rfi. In the first year, the student Saley Soumaila studies his lessons before the arrival of the professor. «The teachers were there. They went back to school this morning. The majority of students are not there. When you look, there are not enough students», he said, disappointed. No boycott of classes has been launched by the student union. Despite this, the recovery is timid. «It has been noticed that in some classes, the return is effective. But in others, this is not the case. Imagine the country’s largest university doing more than four weeks without classes!», said Allassane Abdou. Sitting around a tea under the trees of the faculty of economics, a group of students calls for a consensus between teachers and students. «We do not feel good because some of our comrades have been excluded. We are calling on the government to call on both parties to reach a consensus», said Souleymane Oumarou.

Serge David ZOUEME