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Education in Nigeria : Billionaire Dangote funds the opening of a business school

The richest man in Africa, Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote, has just financed the opening of a business school in his country (Nigeria).

Called ‘’Dangote Business School’’, the school is located at Bayero University in Kano State. The building cost about 3.3 million dollars. Freshly created, the school aims for a strategic partnership with the best universities in the world such as Harvard Business School.
With two libraries, four amphitheatres, a 650-seat auditorium and a business incubator, the new Dangote Business School has nothing to envy to the great French or American business schools. It is the first in Nigeria to offer a PhD in Business Administration in addition to the classic MBA. Ali Dangote does not intend to stop there. Another business school is under construction in the south of the country, at Ibadan University. The billionaire is, according to several opinions, the most indicated in Nigeria to spread the entrepreneurial culture. The richest African, he built a conglomerate present in several strategic sectors: cement, sugar and soon oil. Ali Dangote wants to spread the knowledge and experience of big bosses. The new school in Bayero will have to become a reference in Africa, says the businessman who considers it necessary to define an African approach to the business world: «the african way of doing business». More than a slogan, it is for Nigerians a philosophy to develop.

Serge David ZOUEME