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(Togo) Trouble at the University of Lome : A dozen students arrested by the university police

It smells scorched in Togo, mainly at the University of Lome where several students and students’ leader are arrested while they held a general assembly at the university.


According to corroborating sources, the reason given by the police for arresting these students and students’ leader is that they would hold rubbers and ropes at their general assembly on the university campus. The president of the Togolese League of Students’ Rights (LTDE), Foly Satchivi, who is allegedly giving instructions to his fellow students during the arrest, would also be kept. In the opinion of the students, report the same sources, it is a pure lie mounted to justify the act of the university police. According to the statements made by the executive Secretary of the Togolese League of Students’ Rights, Daniel Agbessimè, relayed by the ‘’Togo Tribune’’ website, the president of the League and the other arrested students are taken to the police headquarters at Lome. Annoyed, the students of the University of Lome promise major actions, by then, if the dozen students arrested and the president of the League, are not relaxed. They also ask the Togolese authorities to set up an inter-university dialogue to find solutions to the problems that undermine and erode the country’s universities.

Serge David ZOUEME